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IBS 2013 recap

I just got back from the International Biogeography Society meetings.  It was a great meeting- lots of fantastic talks and fantastic people!  I highly recommend this meeting for any biogeographer.  My highlights included the paleo symposium, the traits symposium, and many other individual talks.  There were two days of invited symposia and one day of contributed talks with concurrent sessions.  I hadn’t been to IBS since they started including concurrent sessions, and I think this format struck a nice balance.

There was also a lot of tweeting going on and the Williams lab tweeters were well-represented!  Check out a Storify of the meeting made by Simon Goring (@sjGoring).

The next IBS biennial meeting will be in Bayreuth, Germany, in January 2015.  See you all there!


IBS 2013

After missing the last two meetings, I’m headed this week to Miami, FL for my favorite conference: the Biennial meeting of the International Biogeography Society!

All of the symposia, talks, and posters look fantastic, but I’m particularly excited about the symposium I’m talking in: The convergence of conservation paleontology and biogeography.  This was organized by Ed Davis and Jenny McGuire, and there are some fantastic speakers in the symposium.

If you want to follow along, the twitter hashtag is #ibs13.  Quite a few of the attendees are on twitter, so I anticipate some lively tweeting!

Opportunities in the lab

I’m looking for motivated students to join the new lab!  If you’re interested in Quaternary paleoecology, phylogeography and/or modeling, check out current opportunities in my lab.  The UC Merced deadline is approaching fast: January 15th.