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Graduate students

*I am not accepting students for Fall 2021*

If you are interested in Quaternary paleoecology, phylogeography, and ancient DNA of Quaternary mammals, please apply.  Research in the lab is broadly focused on Quaternary paleoecology in North America and understanding the different forces shaping communities across environmental change.  In general, funding is available through a variety of sources for students interested in developing a dissertation with a strong field component (focused in the west and on mammals), students interested in paleo-distribution modeling, and/or students interested in phylogenetics/phylochronology and ancient DNA.  We are open to motivated students bringing their own ideas to the lab.

UC Merced is an exciting place to be.  We’ve got a great group of faculty and students doing exciting work on diverse topics, the Sierra Nevada Research Institute with field stations in Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon NPs, and a relatively new campus and new labs. More on the School of Natural Sciences can be found here:

Read through the research descriptions on the website and a few of the lab publications.  If you’re interested in joining the lab, email Jessica (jblois[at]ucmerced[dot]edu) to talk further about specific opportunities in the lab and the application procedure.  The priority deadline for application to both QSB and ES is December 15, with a final deadline of January 15th for both programs. Please apply by December 15th if you are interested in my lab.

Additional information:

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