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We are always interested in talking to motivated individuals who are interested in developing a postdoc with the lab. Please contact Jessica with project ideas. Additionally, here’s a specific opportunity for which we are looking for a postdoc:

  • Ecology and Evolution Across Space and Time: Responses to Environmental Change in Tropical Marine Lakes

University of California, Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, 2015-16

Mike Dawson and Jessica Blois invite biogeographers eligible for the University of California’s Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship Program ( to contact us about projects at the intersection of paleoecology (Blois Lab) and evolution (Dawson Lab). We are looking for a colleague and collaborator who will enrich an ongoing study of community responses to environmental change using tropical marine lakes as a model system (  For more information, see our labs’ websites (http://jessicablois.com, the project abstract (, then write to us ( Successful PPFP applicants receive salary support and research funds for 2 years and subsequently are eligible for the University of California President’s hiring incentive ( to encourage hiring of fellows into tenure track faculty positions at any of the UC campuses.The deadline for submitting applications to the University of California is 01 November 2014.

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