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Space-for-time substitution can work!

I’ve got a new paper out in PNAS (here, open access) on testing space-for-time substitution using fossil pollen data.  The main message: the assumption that they are substitutable is valid, at least over broader scales of space and time!

Opportunities for testing and improving biogeographic models that include biotic interactions

We are starting to ramp up planning for our new project capturing biotic interactions in community models.  Matt Fitzpatrick and I have finished drafting up our job ads for new opportunities in our labs (PhD student in my lab at Merced, postdoc with Matt at UMCES), so if you know of any great candidates, pass along the announcement!  More information is available here.

Fantastic biogeography conferences coming up!

Wow, I just took a look at the IBS blog and there are some absolutely fabulous conferences coming up!  There’s a small IBS meeting on “The Geography of Species Associations” in Montreal this November, and then an early-career conference in Canberra, Australia in January.  The IBS is my favorite scientific society and I really love going to their conferences, so I highly recommend either (both??) of these meetings for all biogeographers!