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Cave excavations!

Exciting news! This summer, we will be excavating two small test deposits from caves in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park, primarily working in the park during the month of June. I need to hire an archeological monitor who would be responsible for monitoring the excavations for the presence of archeological materials. The monitor would need to be a qualified archeologist (per 36 CFR Part 61; or working under the oversight of a qualified archeologist. The field work will be tough but fun* – we will be working in caves, which will involve (at times) crawling on belly or hands and knees, tight squeezes, and work in dark and enclosed spaces.

Know anyone who might be interested? If so, please contact Jessica Blois ( to learn more about the work. We are still in the initial stages of figuring out the hiring process, but I have more details about the work itself.

*though if you hate caves or dark spaces, this will be less fun for you!