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1st annual lab retreat!

  Yosemite Creek, right before it falls over the rimSnow! A nice view of the Sierra high country
The Blois lab and friends went up to the Yosemite Field Station last weekend for the first annual lab retreat!  We spent two nights up there, eating good food, playing games, and hiking around Yosemite.
The first night, we got to test out the new game Go Extinct!  The whole lab loved it! This game was developed by Ariel Marcy, a former field assistant extraordinaire and fantastic undergrad at Stanford, now on a Fullbright Fellowship in Australia.  The game itself is very clever and also beautifully designed.  (FYI, you can get one for yourself here:  I can’t remember who won the game- definitely not me.  We ended the evening with a long game of Monopoly (is it ever short?), which Kaitlin resoundingly won.
The lab testing out (and loving) the new game Go Extinct!

The lab testing out (and loving) the new game Go Extinct!

Kaitlin, hoarding her $500s.

Kaitlin, hoarding her $500s.

The next day a subset of us hiked up Yosemite Falls to the upper falls overlook.  We lucked out with beautiful hiking weather.  It was warm, but not hot, and clear so the trail rocks weren’t slick.  One of those beautiful days that reminded us of how lucky we are to live so close to such a beautiful place.

Danaan, Kaitlin, and Jessica in front of Upper Yosemite Falls

One of the best lunch spots in the world!

Upper Yosemite Falls



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