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The Blois lab is gearing up for the 2015 edition of Mammal March Madness!  We are so excited about this years competition.  Last year, we participated as a lab group.  This year, we’re ramping up the intra-lab competition and each filling out our own brackets.  Entries so far are pretty consistent: Jessica, Kaitlin, and Sarah are all predicting that Amphicyonidae will be the champ, but Chris predicts that Cath Palug will win it all. I’m throwing in a TBD prize for the lab winner(s).

The competition starts tonight. Err…I bet they’re already live-tweeting…I got delayed writing this post.

Totally random note: don’t forget the other geeky science event happening soon. This Saturday is Pi Day, so the Blois lab will have pie during our lab meeting on Thursday.



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