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Vernal Pools: scouting for research sites!

IMG_0030This Presidents’ day, the Blois lab decided to put the day off school to good use—to get a jump on some research! We will soon be starting a project sampling small mammals at the Vernal Pools reserve, located right behind UCM. This project will have two purposes: to give the reserve managers an idea of what species are present and in what abundances, and so our lab can conduct a live/dead analysis* on the species at the reserve. We are going to be live-trapping small mammals and collecting the dead ones we find nearby (in this place, dead small mammals are mostly found in the form of owl pellets, which we have been collecting from the reserve for some time). (more…)

Congratulations to Kaitlin

AUCDif-mean-page-001…For winning the best early career poster award atĀ the International Biogeography Society Meeting!

Jessica, Kaitlin, and Eric attended this year’s IBS meeting in Bayreuth, Germany to present posters on various research projects. Kaitlin’s poster, entitledĀ  “Community level models outperform traditional species distribution models in no analog climates” won the award for best early career poster. Her co-authors were: Jessica Blois, Diego Nieto-Lugilde and Matt Fitzpatrick from the Appalachian Laboratory, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, and Jack Williams from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Unfortunately we cannot post a picture of the entire poster right now, but here is one of the figures comparing CLMs to SDMs.