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Welcome, fall semester!

The fall semester started up this week at UC Merced.  It’s an exciting time on campus and in the lab- new classes, new undergrads, and new grad students! In particular, the Paleoecology Lab is very excited to welcome two new students to UC Merced!

rob_picRobert Boria is starting his PhD in the Quantitative and Systems Biology Graduate Group.  Robert obtained his masters degree at City College of New York working with Robert Anderson. For his PhD, he is interested in understanding the genetic consequences of past climatic cycles.

NateFox Our other new student is Nate Fox.  Nate is starting his PhD in the Environmental Systems Graduate Group. Prior to moving to Merced, he worked as an environmental consultant in Wyoming after completing his Master’s degree at East Tennessee State University. For his PhD, Nate will be using small mammal fossils and other types of fossil data to interpret late Pleistocene ecosystems.

To kick off the semester, we just had our first lab meeting and went over semester goals and benchmarks.  We took a look at a great blog post by my UC Merced colleague Tanya Boza on “Making a Semester Plan”, then put all our goals on the board.  We all have an exciting and busy semester ahead of us!


#2015MMM: Additional entries

And here are the entries for Danaan and Eric.


Danaan’s entry: Sumatran rhino takes it all!


The bracket for Eric and family: Rougarou FTW!

We’ve got a good mix of final predicted winners in the lab.  Jessica, Sarah, and Kaitlin all predict Amphicyonidae to win (hmmm…coincidence that the most senior folks have the same final prediction? I think not- surely it’s the wisdom of age), Eric predicts the Rougarou, Danaan the rhino, and Chris is holding out for the Cath Palug.


The Blois lab is gearing up for the 2015 edition of Mammal March Madness!  We are so excited about this years competition.  Last year, we participated as a lab group.  This year, we’re ramping up the intra-lab competition and each filling out our own brackets.  Entries so far are pretty consistent: Jessica, Kaitlin, and Sarah are all predicting that Amphicyonidae will be the champ, but Chris predicts that Cath Palug will win it all. I’m throwing in a TBD prize for the lab winner(s).

The competition starts tonight. Err…I bet they’re already live-tweeting…I got delayed writing this post.

Totally random note: don’t forget the other geeky science event happening soon. This Saturday is Pi Day, so the Blois lab will have pie during our lab meeting on Thursday.